Why should you work at Constratus?

Perhaps you like to work on cutting edge technologies for some of the world’s top companies. It could be that you value access to a team of experienced consultants and technologists – a support network that will foster leadership abilities and management skills and benefit your career.

Or, maybe you like to continually learn and grow in your career – not just on the job, but through our employee-run learning program, Constratus Academy.

At Constratus, you can explore the career path that is right for you, and take your career in an exciting direction in strategy, technology, operations consulting, or other business advisory services.

Consultant Career Progression

A consultant at Constratus will progress through the following roles.  The normal progression from one role to the next usually takes about 2 – 3 years, however since advancement within the company is measured by a consultant’s performance, there is no rule as to how quickly a consultant can progress.

An Analyst with Constratus is responsible for an element of the problem-solving process for each client engagement. Typically, responsibilities for an Analyst include gathering data, synthesizing information, participating and assisting in team recommendations, and presenting their work to client management. Typically, Analysts have an undergraduate degree, and may continue to progress in the firm, or pursue advanced degrees.
An Associate with Constratus plays an active role in supporting all aspects of an engagement, from developing hypotheses, identifying issues, analyzing information, conducting client discussions, as well as developing recommendations and supporting implementation efforts. Associates must demonstrate proficiency in core consulting skills, including problem-solving and communication. As the ability of the Associate improves, he or she will be given broader responsibility.
An Associate Principal with Constratus is responsible for managing engagements on a day-to-day basis, structuring the problem-solving process for client engagements, ensuring constructive team dynamics, and managing day-to-day interactions with clients. Associate Principals are expected to develop in-depth industry or functional-specific knowledge and become key contributors to the knowledge base of the firm. Additionally, an Associate Principal will be responsible for mentoring junior level consultants within the firm.
A Principal with Constratus should either manage a single large account or multiple accounts. He or she should be active in client development and participate in most internal practice decision-making. The Principal is expected to continue to develop in-depth expertise in practice area(s) important to the firm’s service offerings. Additionally, a Principal at Constratus will be responsible for mentoring junior level consultants within the firm.
A Director with Constratus will have demonstrated the ability to manage every aspect of an engagement, will manage client relationships, coach and mentor professional employees, and provide expertise in an important functional/industry area consistent with the firm’s strategic direction. In addition, Directors are expected to secure significant engagements on an ongoing basis.